Mother & Children Art Foundation (MCAF)
"Making Nepal's women in poverty-self sufficient
A school facility for children who can't otherwise attend School"
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Mar 13, 2013
Elena, wPtrStuxYbAT  
Edo ayto poy blepo einai oti me tis symbaseis poy tha yopgrapsoyme o OPAP tha mas kanei oti thelei.Oyte apergia gia na diekdikisoyme kati den tha mporoume na kanoyme,tha mas pairniyn tis edeies k tha plironoyme k prostima.Makari na bgo pseftis.An k pragmatika thelo na ypografoyn oi symbaseis gia na mas katoxorosei san monadiko dyktio toy opap.

Jan 24, 2013
Kite Davies, feedback  
December,19,2013,Kite Davies,Western Australia,Perth
I loved helping out at the school and meeting all the children. The teacher and children were all lovely and really help full. It was a great way to spend our community proect time with MCAF,

Jan 24, 2013
Laura Ahchison, feedback  
March,28,2013 Laura Ahchison, western Australia,
I really enjoyed working with MCAF. it was really eye-opening to see a diffrent culture and to work with the children. For the little they have they all still have so much to offer, the food was great and i really enjoyed working with MCAF.

Jan 24, 2013
Sarah Freeman, feedback  
March 28 2013,Sarah Freeman,western Australia Perth,
I enjoied the experience MCAF offered working with children was an amazing experience and it makes me happy to know that i have made the lives of those less fortunate a lettle better. The food Provided was amazing as is the artwrk shown.

Jan 24, 2013
Grace Stevens, feedback  
It is an amazing organisation which does great things with children and their famlies. I really enjoyed and playing with children.
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Welcome to MCAF
   Mother and Children Art Foundation (MCAF) was established in 2004 as a non-profit organization with a dedication to the education, health and employment of impoverished women and children in Nepal. In the initial days, we started with giving Thangka Painting training to women. Later on we have been successful in broadening our activities and services in many places with the help of many well-wishers, supporters, generous donors and our partnership organisations. We have established a school called Shram Jyoti Pubic School in Kathmandu for orphans, street children, child labourers, disables and children living under the poverty line. We have our central workshop and art gallery in Katmandu and many other training centers in different part of the country. We have been conducting various social and community service projects and adventure education project though out the country.

       Our Mission:
Our mission is to establish a standard multi-skills training center for disadvantaged women and provide a home and schooling facility for child labors, disables, street children and orphans, as well as to the children of lower class families who are under the poverty line. 
  1.  The major objectives of MCAF is to conduct various trainings of economic generating skills like thangka painting, weaving, sewing, cutting and trimming etc. to impoverished women. This will relieve them from problems of poverty and raise their living standards.
  2. To provide a home and schooling facility for child labors, disables, street children and orphans, as well as to the children of lower class families who are under the poverty line.
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