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"Making Nepal's women in poverty-self sufficient
A school facility for children who can't otherwise attend School"
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Feb 1, 2015
Kate Gibson, Feedback  
I really enjoyed our work at Shree Yuva Barsha Primary School. It was very clear what tools the principal and school committee wanted us to do. We worked hard and got as much done as we would. Naresh was very good in organizing everything for us as well as helping with the fencing and sourcing materials.
The food we had was sensational- every meal was yummy and plentiful. The school itself is delightful. It would be especially nice to organize some more play areas for the students. So I hope some other teams come into the school to work on those sorts of things.
Date: 13/12/014

Feb 1, 2015
Shawn Lim, Australian  
The experience at the school was memorable as the completion of each task created a greater atmosphere. Within five days we got, the team had completed many painting jobs that made the school brighter and visually appealing. Other than painting, the group had installed two fences that would project the students from falling. The overall project was a success as we also helped set up the next group’s school project. With the help of Naresh our project at Shree Yuva Barsa Primary School was outstanding as we had a notable impact. The only little con that I could have remembered is the lack of communication with how the school wanted us to spend our money. This was made harder due to the language barriers. Though overall the experience was wonderful.
Date: 13/12/014

Feb 1, 2015
Peter Higgins, Australian  
Our project at Hillside Academy was a great experience for all. It was a worthwhile cause and it is rewarding for the students to see and know they are making a difference and helping others. There was plenty of work to do and a nice variety of things to do. Teaching, playing games, playing football, the trip to the temple and interacting with the kids were all great alternatives when we began to get tired from the physical work.
We all felt welcomed, safe and supported throughout and it was easy for us to stay healthy. All is all a very positive experience.
Date: 07/12/014

Feb 1, 2015
Claudia Harvey, Australian  
It was one of the best experiences of my life. I enjoyed interacting with the children and engaging in your Nepalese culture. When building the foundation for the school or painting artwork on the wall, it was so worthwhile seeing the smiles on the children faces. It was a once in a lifetime experience which I enjoyed so much. Sujan was such a great project manager. He is so lovely and outgoing and did everything he could to make us feel at home. Also the cooks were amazing. Each one of the meals they cooked was fantastic.
Date: 07/12/014

Feb 1, 2015
Michaela Pieterse , Australian  
The project was good in the sense that we were able to contribute in some way to improving the school. It was also a very insightful experience to see the type of learning systems in Nepal and also the lives of outer community. However more challenger involvement could be promoted. A clear plan of what needs to be done should be set, so the teams are able to fully participate and achieve a particular goal.
Project in Pokhara was very good! Thank you for having us!
Date: 17/12/014
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Welcome to MCAF
Mother and Children Art Foundation (MCAF) was established in 2004 as a non-profit organization with a dedication to the education, health and employment of impoverished women and children in Nepal. In the initial days, we started with giving Thangka Painting training to women. Later on we have been successful in broadening our activities and services in many places with the help of many well-wishers, supporters...

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MCAF - Earthquake Relief Fund

Appeal for Help “MCAF-Earthquake Relief Fund”
Dear All,
As we all know the recent earthquake has severely devastated Nepal. Over 8,000 people have died and the death toll is rising. In addition, 18,000 more have been injured or displaced and many homes, temples, schools and public monuments have also been destroyed.

Our MCAF team has been continuously doing relief activities by distributing relief supplies: food, tents, sleeping bags, mattress, tarpaulins, solar panels, first aid kits and tools to make temporary shelters in the most affected communities in Sindhupalchok..

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Project 1: Students Relief Pack

This devastation has caused a great deal of hardship for old people, women and children who have survived..

Project 2: Family Sanitary Pack

Another area of concern is the sanitation in rural villages where they do not have proper homes, kitchens,..

Project 3: School and Community Re-construction

Our 3rd project will be long term help re-constructing schools for the safe future of the children as..

Finally, we express our sincere gratitude to all our generous donors, supporters, and volunteers who have always supported us in our efforts to provide relief and support to our community during this difficult time. We hope this will continue for the future and that our community will recover soon with..

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  1.  The major objectives of MCAF is to conduct various trainings of economic generating skills like thangka painting, weaving, sewing, cutting and trimming etc. to impoverished women. This will relieve them from problems of poverty and raise their living standards.
  2. To provide a home and schooling facility for child labors, disables, street children and orphans, as well as to the children of lower class families who are under the poverty line.
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