Child Sponsorship and Scholarship

                 Overview of the Child Sponsorship Project and Objectives:
Nepal is known as a country with largest mountain ranges including out of 14 highest mountains   in   the world, 10 of them are in Nepal. It is land of Mt. Everest (Top of the world), birth place of   the Lord Buddha (Lumbini) and famous for friendly people in the world.
Though country is rich in natural resources, huge potential for the tourism, friendly and hard working happy people, economically it is one of the least developed and the poorest nation in the world. The      per-capita income of Nepali people is US $240 and more than 35% of Nepali people are illiterate. 12 years conflict in the country even made worse with family who lives in the remote areas of Nepal. Many Children don’t get chance to go School because of their parent’s weak economic condition and many other reasons. The children need to work in the fields to support their parents as soon as they reach 7-8 years. Some work as child labors in wealthy people’s house, industries, factories and restaurants. There are many orphans and street children in Nepal. Our government does not have the resources to educate all children. Having perceived and internalized the need of education “Mother and Children Art Foundation” (MCAF) has established and running a school called Shram Jyoti Public School in a suburb of Kathmandu and many other partnership schools in different regions of Nepal for better access to educational opportunities to the ethnic group, child labors, orphans, street children, disables and children living under the poverty line. We have initiated a child sponsorship program that will provide schooling opportunity to many children who would not otherwise attend school in different part of the country. Your generous support in sponsorship can create a wonderful opportunity for a child in poverty to succeed in life.
General donations are most welcome, as even the smallest amounts make an immense difference in the lives of our children. Still many really needy children haven’t got sponsor.
The project running areas :
We have been running this project in Sindhupalchok, Nuwakot, Kaski, Chitwan and remote villages of Kathmandu district in cooperation with local community representatives and teams of the school teachers. We aim to do this project with more volunteers and generous donors into the further remote places of our country in near future.
  • Our selection criteria for sponsorship:                                                                
    1. Children who lost their parents or their parents are physically or mentally disable to educate their child.
    2. Family abandoned or street children.                                                                                       
    3. Child Labor.
    4. Children who comply to stop their study due to their parent’s poor financial status even though they are very intelligent in their study.                                                                                                                                                                       
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.  Can I choose whom to sponsor?
You can choose to sponsor any of the children been selected by MCAF as a needful of sponsorship or if you have already chosen any child of Nepal by yourself, we could help you to coordinate with your sponsored child and keep you updated.
Simply complete the form and we will be happy to select a child for you to sponsor and send you your sponsored child’s profile, photo and other important information to you.

2.  How long should my sponsorship last?
Sponsorship is truly effective if it continues for the duration for the child's time at school. Therefore, we request sponsors to be committed to supporting the child until they graduate from Grade Twelve, in order to provide the child with a true foundation of education. Should circumstances arise where the sponsor is unable to continue their sponsorship, we request that they advise us as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements. Sponsors are encouraged to provide their donations annually, and we will provide sponsors with revised costs, based on that child's new class/grade, each year.

3.  What contact will I have with my sponsored child?
Reports on the health and well-being of your sponsored child will be sent to you on every 3 months. These show the improvements that your contribution is making to this child's life. Well you can be in touch with your sponsored child through email, internet and telephone.

4. What is the tentative budget to sponsor a child?
To sponsor a child in Nepal, does not costs much, however it depend on what the age of student and what a class he or she is in. Let's say, if the child is in 4 to 9 years old, cost about US$ 30 to $40 per month. This more depends on what you want to sponsor for. This is an average cost per month. Following chart clarifies:
Tentative budget for sponsoring a child in Nepal (4 to 9yrs old). 
S. No. Particulars Description Amount        
per month(Rs.)
1 Admission fee (Once in a year) Rs. 2400. 200.
2 School fee Per month (Optional) 1200.
3 Exam fee Rs 300/exam x 4 exam/year = 1200 100
4 Curriculum books Rs 3000/year 250.
5 Stationeries (book, pen, pencil, etc)/year= 4000. 334.
6 School Uniform (Rs 1800 x 3 different dresses in a year) Rs 5400. 450.
7 (Lunch at school) Rs 40. Per day.  (40x 26 day per month) 1040.
Total per month expenses for a Child 3574
Total in US dollar ($ 1 = Rs 102)  ± US$35.

In words = USD thirty five only.
This is especially estimated for a day boarder.
The above cost doesn’t include breakfast, dinner and accommodation. Those students who live with their parents/relatives, they get breakfast, dinner and accommodation at home.
Note: The average cost to provide boarding facilities for a child is US$ 80.00 per month. Therefore full sponsoring a child with all these facilities cost tentatively US$ 115.00 per month. (2017)
This cost may increase about 5 % each year. 

If you are interested to help any needy children providing above all or certain amount to purchase books, copies, pencils, uniforms, etc. will be much appreciated.  MCAF will help to connect you with them.

Ways to Volunteer in Child Sponsorship project:
Anyone who are interested to volunteer for this project, are welcome. There are two ways you could do this volunteer program:

I. Visiting places where MCAF sponsoring children study and live: 
This volunteer program design for 1 week up to 3 weeks and involve travelling different districts of Nepal. In your volunteer programs for one week, you may visit one to 3 districts of Nepal and observe schools MCAF sponsor child and report accordingly. If you are in longer period, then you will get chance to visit and explore more districts of Nepal and need to prepare your report accordingly. 
II. Teaching in school where MCAF sponsoring children study:
This volunteer program is designed for those who want to volunteer for more than 2 weeks in Nepal. You will be teaching on those schools where MCAF sponsored children are studying. Most of the schools are in the remote areas of Nepal and your stay will be basic. You teach as volunteer and prepare report about the school as well as MCAF's child sponsorship project. 

Ø  Source of fund and budget planning for the project: 
MCAF gets support from generous people to promote this project. They are those forces who encourages us to establish, continue and extend this program. All their generous supports are always greatly appreciated. We are always aware of our duties. Accounts are very transparent updated monthly basis. 99% percent of investment goes to the student and no any administration costs are involved on this project. 

To sponsor a child in Nepal cost US$ 35.00 (US$ thirty five only) per month for Day Boarder and US$ 115.00 (US$ one hundred and fifteen) per month for full sponsorship. (For 2017). This cost may increase about 5 % each year. If you wish to be part of this project, please contact:

Jeevan Lama
Vice-President and Project Director
Mother and Children Art Foundation,
Baluwatar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Po. Box No: 21040
Tel.No. +977 9841443840, +977 14415673



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