Our Team

Central Executive Board of MCAF:
      Name: Bishnu Bahadur Yonjan
Designation: President
Details:  He is a co-founder of MCAF. He is a very knowledgeable trekking leader to Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. He has been working in this field since 2000 and a good Thangka artist as well.  He is the owner and Managing Director at Lhasso Adventure Pvt. Ltd. 
Name: Jeevan Lama
Designation: Vice President and Project Director
Details:  He is a co-founder of MCAF. He is a young dynamic leader,   tour guide, project manager and professional Buddhist traditional (Art and Craft) artist. He has a decade experience in these fields. He is the owner and Director at Lhasso Adventure Pvt. Ltd.  
      Name: Durga Bahadur Bhandari
Designation: Secretary
Details:  He has been actively involved in MCAF from the beginning as a Secretary. Professionally he is a Managing Director at Malla Treks Pvt Ltd.
Name: Dhan Maya Yonjan
Designation: Treasurer
Details: She is a co-founder of MCAF. She has been actively holding the post of treasurer at MCAF from the beginning and also operates several programs for the welfare of women in the rural communities.
Name: Dechen Lama
Designation: Executive Member
Details:  She is one of the founder member of MCAF. She is a professional Thangka Artist and working as a Thanka Art Instructor at MCAF Thangka Art Studio.
Name: Nima Dorje Tamang
Designation: Executive Member
Details: He is the coordinator for Public Relation in MCAF. He is professional Thangka Artist. He has been working in the field of art since 18 years.
Name: Bal Kumar Bhandari
Designation: Executive Member
Details: He is the coordinator for Community Service Project and Resourse Management.

              Our International Representatives:
 Michaela Borghese Name: Michaela Borghese
Designatio: Coordinator
Country: United States of America
Name: Raj Lama Tamang
Designation: Coordinator
Country: Australia
Details: Currently studying Master of Commerce (Accounting) from University of Melbourne. Have previously involved in fund raising activities for an Organisation called Epilepsy foundation (NFP). Also worked as a Finance Assistant at another NFP ORGANISATION called Vision Australia (Blindness and low vision service Organisation).
Susnna Roth Name: Susnna Roth
Designation: Coordinatorr
Country: Switzerland
Nima Bhutia Name: Nima Bhutia
Designation: Coordinator
Country: India


  • Shawn Lim

    The experience at the school was memorable as the completion of each task created a greater atmosphere. Within five days we got, the team had completed many painting jobs that made the school brighter and ...

  • Phoebe Yates

    This experience was enlightening and opened up my eyes to an entirely different world. I highly enjoyed contributing to the project site despite how hard the work was at some points. Playing with children and ...

  • Jake Hobson

    The food was extremely good and I enjoyed every meal we had. I enjoyed learning about the Nepalese culture more. Spending time and playing games with the students was very fun and I had made ...

  • Thomas Fisher

    1.    Project: There was a lot of work to do at this site. I recommend more schools come here to improve the schools facilities urgently. The workers were too slow and we would have liked ...

  • Steve Whitfield

    •    Good project site with easy access to bus. •    School staff very friendly and very accommodating. •    Host Lal was very good and the kids loved him. •    Jeevan visiting was good for the kids. •    Project cooks ...

  • Gregory Patton

    I had the privilage of meeting Jeevan Lama on his recent visit to Rugby in the UK. I was impressed by his passion and commitment to the beneficies of MCAF. I wish all those concerned ...

  • Chris Abbott

    I have really enjoyed my time working with MCAF and seeing the positive result of my work. The task was achievable which the time we had and I am glad to have been able to ...

  • Ben Thomson

    I found the time we spend a good experience for me and the rest of the group. It was fun to have the freedom to choose where to help out and for our group to ...